Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?


What is Boudoir photography?

‘Boudoir’ is a French word, meaning a lady’s private dressing room or bedroom.

Boudoir photography refers to an intimate style of photography that captures your beauty and showcases your sensual and playful side.

A boudoir shoot celebrates you. The focus is to capture, flatter and compliment your body. Tasteful, sensual, playful and elegant. You will feel confident, empowered and beautiful. Sexy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude!

Your Boudoir experience.

All Boudoir experiences start with a pre session consultation. Either over the phone or over a cup of coffee in a café, we can talk about why you have decided to do a boudoir shoot, what you would like from your session and what you should expect. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have. It is also the perfect time to ‘interview’ me. Feeling comfortable and relaxed is the key to a successful shoot. And that applies to feeling comfortable and relaxed with me too.

During this time, we will chat about outfit choices, shoes and accessory selection. And I will give you some guidance on where to purchase what you need. Boudoir sessions typically involve lingerie, but they don’t have to. Posing in a tee-shirt and jeans or your partners favorite shirt can be just as sensual as taking photographs in your underwear. Accessories such as jewellery, stockings and coats add an exciting and playful element to your pictures. And let’s not forget the shoes. The higher the better, in fact I recommend finding a pair you have trouble walking in!

Your boudoir shoot begins with hair and makeup. Being pampered and feeling gorgeous is an important part of your experience. During this time, I will sit with you and we will chat about how the session will go, what outfits we will start with and the types of poses you can expect. I will give you guidance and direction as we do each pose, so you feel at ease. I will never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with and at any time if you feel uncomfortable, we can stop or change things up…. but fair warning…. a boudoir shoot is definitely a workout! You will use every muscle including those you didn’t know you had. If it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t doing it right!

I will guide you every step of the way, from the beginning to the end of your boudoir experience. The success of your shoot is based on trust and it is very important to me that you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself, so what are you waiting for. Let’s create some magic, have some fun and celebrate you. You are not here to be average…you are here to be awesome!